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Starting up a business during a pandemic did not seem possible business wise, but with determination and focus it ended up a busy 2019 and 2020 saw further progress gaining work in various sectors, producing content to build our portfolio up further.


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Drone Surveys Manchester Aztechdrones latest aerial work for film, photography, roof surveys, drone mapping for commercial clients.

Successful Drone service provider in the UK providing aerial filming and  photography

Investment in new equipment for aerial filming early in 2021 then later in the year purchasing ground equipment, DSLR’S and gimbal’s which used up all our finances, these were quickly, replenished, as we turned our hand to the Wedding market.

Radison Hotel Manchester

With so many that had been cancelled due to the pandemic, suddenly coming on stream, and a large demand, completing eight in a very short period and we now have an affiliation with a large, branded Wedding company for 2022 working alongside Applydrone.

Mavic Pro Three Aztechdrones

2023 Brings more investment with the addition to the fleet with the DJI Mavic 3 PRO

Improved image quality for photography and film, its already our go to DJI Drone and we are looking forward to more flight action for commercial and broadcast clients.

Birds Eye 360, Surveys & Mapping.

Liverpool City at Night 360


Night-time Aerial 360 photography showcasing some of Liverpool’s iconic buildings in the moonlight

The liver, Cunard,  The Port of Liverpool and Albert dock, then looking across The River Mersey to Birkenhead and Wirral.

Mapping of The Blackpool 8 Mile Coast using 360 Photography to Assist


Capturing the Blackpool coastline over 2 days including 360 Panoramas at each take off and landing point, for the Blackpool Coastal team and stakeholders to assess whether further sea defences are required in the near future.

Coastal and land surveys by Drone are a cost effective and efficient way to get a bird’s eye view of your asset’s, using the data in presentations, clients can make qualified decisions from their desk- top.

High-Quality Drone Services at every Price Point with project-based pricing for drone photography, filming, mapping and 360 panoramas.

Aztech Drones Photography and Film Services produce high-resolution 360° interactive aerial panoramic photographs for all types of business and services.

360° virtual tours give you the feel of being there up high with a birds eye view where you can turn around 360° and look closely at ever detail.

Save Valuable Time & Money With

Drone Surveying & Mapping

Drone Land Mapping

Aztech Drones plan & program using specific software, enabling our Hi-res camera drones, to map large areas of land to bring together in one map (Orthomosaic), for ecologist field studies or construction site development over specific time periods, each image taken is also geo-referenced which enables the client to accurately pinpoint specific arears.

An Orthomosaic is a photogrammetrically ortho rectified image product, mosaicked from an image collection, where the geometric distortion has been corrected and the imagery has been colour balanced to produce a seamless dataset.

Put simply an Orthomosaic is like Google earth, but so much sharper, it is a large map-quality image with high detail and resolution made by combining many smaller images called orthophotos, other dataset information such as elevation can also be supplied.



Jun 2022

No Need for Scaffold Structure


Two of the six flight paths of 40ha used to create Orthomosaic map


2 x Images of 984 taken


Below is a recent review from our ecologist client for a large coastal Drone mapping mission we completed in Pwllheli North Wales in May 2022

I am an ecologist and was asked to produce a detailed vegetation map of a c.40ha sand dune and heathland SSSI in North Wales. Since aerial coverage available from my usual sources was out of date, I commissioned Mark and Aztec Drones to fly a new survey. This is the first time I have organised a specific drone survey and I have been extremely pleased with the results, which enable me to pick out and delineate the main vegetation types during my field surveys. The resolution achieved was very impressive and allows me to pick out very small-scale features that help a great deal when navigating around the site.

Mark spent a lot of time preparing for the survey and was very patient in waiting for perfect weather conditions so we got the best results possible. The survey yielded over 984 individual photographs, taken on a grid pattern from four separate take-off points. Mark then processed the information and provided me with a single composite image that was fully georeferenced, and readily useable in my GIS software or Google Earth. I will certainly use this approach again for future projects, especially those involving such large and complex sites.

Peter Tattersfield- Ecologist on behalf of Bourne Leisure

Although the weather had been challenging for drone pilots during January, we travelled to Reading, Preston, and Lancaster, to complete the aerial roof inspections, supplying aerial photography of each roof for our clients to include in their general site survey reports.

One of our recent new clients in 2021, are a large UK food manufacturer,  who approached Aztech Drones, after the Facilities and Engineering Manager had been  investigating the use of Drones to reduce the risks of “working at height” for the inspection of “explosion vents” sited at the top of 15-meter-tall silos, they use these in their manufacturing process, and 12-weekly cycle inspections are required, should these become blocked it could cause the silos to explode.

After a successful visit in 2021 providing HD images of the safety vents, we completed our second visit in January 2022, and the use of drones has now been adopted by the company, removing the risk to Engineers who previously climbed a ladder up the side of the silo’s taking 2 employees some 45minutes to complete versus Drone 10 minutes, removing the need to “work at height “ and at a reduced cost.

During this visit we also completed a full Aerial drone roof Inspection/survey to further demonstrate how the use of drones can significantly reduce costs, risk and are more efficient, completing in hours, not a week as previous way, covering more than sixteen roofs on the factory site, this is a six-monthly requirement to ensure all factory roofs are in good order as per the company preventative maintenance plan. This has been previously costing the company £6,800 twice annually for a two- man team, with cherry pickers and scaffold to investigate the roofs for cracked asbestos sheets or delaminated steel ones, blocked gutters, and skylight condition, Drone cost is a significant saving per visit producing multiple images and a detailed map for the client.


A Great start to 2022 for Aztech Drones

With more companies adopting drone technology, we have had commissions to complete drone roof Inspections for our UK Surveying clients, the type of roofs differs. but a sizeable percentage, that we deal with are metal clad and these are on newer manufacturing facilities, older buildings have either membrane over plywood or asbestos the latter does not lend itself to any foot traffic, without significant costs of scaffolding, footboards and an experienced roofing company being involved. Drone Aerial surveys performed are for either dilapidation, purchase, or general maintenance purposes, safeguarding the clients against any unknown costs of remedial work if needed.


Feb 2022

Building relationships

The company have now rolled out drone use to all their sites in the UK after proving Drones can save money and remove risks to the workforce, Aztech Drones will be supporting them during 2022 and beyond and are now an approved supplier.

Choosing the right drone for the job

Selecting the correct Drone for each job is of paramount importance, considering the client’s requirements, safe distances for take-off and landing, Airspace, and permissions

Our Mavic Pro 2 & Mavic Air 2 requires thirty meters separation from people, roads, and buildings not under our control, the Mini 2 would be our choice for proximity work but still considering the area where the flight is to take place.


Jan 2022

Aztechdrones choose DJI Drones

We have currently three Drones we use on various jobs dependant on location, client requirements, and job type, all have similar flight characteristics, but the Mavic Pro 2 is our go to for quality images due to the Hasselblad camera with shutter and aperture control producing 20mp images

Our newly purchased Mavic Air 2 is equally as good with the facility to take 48mp images and is a pleasure to fly as are all DJI Drones once set-up to operators’ preference.

The Mini 2 weighing in at 250g is a god send for most commercial pilots opening new doors to enable flights in areas otherwise unsuitable for the larger heavier drones which require more space to operate i.e., 30 meters for take off and landing

The 3-axis stabilized gimbals offers exceptionally smooth footage and OcuSync 2 enables long range and HD live video streaming. All our Drones can achieve 4K footage, 2.7k 1080P HD with varying frame per second, using our DJI Smart controller we can also have HDMI to a second screen for client viewing

Filming Days for Drone Blog UK Pilot

We were issued with a full brief as to what we needed to be capture and where, no specific heights or angles, which we used our creativeness, all permissions were in place prior to the shoot authorised by Blackpool Council and Highways Department, no air traffic control permission required as we did not enter the FRZ,

Shooting took place over 2 days and we were blessed with some great weather, arriving on site at 4:30 am and set up ready to fly within 5 minutes to capture a beautiful sunrise behind the Tower, the sea breeze when flying out to sea was somewhat troublesome but the Mavic Pro 2 & Mini 2 handled it very well and provided some great extra footage which was unfortunately not included in the final cut


2021 Blackpool early start for media Co

A recent commission in Blackpool was completed working for Midtown Brothers Media, creating a documentary “Maintaining Blackpool’s Tram Network, with early morning starts and long days to capture the Tram’s at work in specific areas of Blackpool


Jan 2022

Different roof and location

There are so many different roof types, at varying locations, the choice of Drone to be used is decided at the initial planning stage during the Pre-Site survey, mainly consulting Google maps and checking airspace, and surrounding area, all our Drones provide sufficient quality images for the purpose of assessing a roofs condition.


Jan 2022

Roof Surveys Drone Blog UK Pilot

Roofing Images

It is becoming increasingly popular for most mortgage lenders to insist that potential borrowers instruct an established experienced roofing contractor to inspect the roof of a property they are considering buying.

Arriving on site we assess the shape of the roof from ground level  and surrounding area to ensure we have VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) during the flight whilst obtaining the images required, sometimes we have to move controller position to ensure this is maintained at all times, the Mavic Pro 2 and Air 2 can work at elevated heights from the roof due to being able to crop and zoom into the images without any quality loss, the Mini 2 with a zoom facility is a little workhorse that can get up close and personal to ensure all valleys and gutters are captured for the Surveyors or clients

Drone Blog UK Pilot further information about Aztechdrones

Aztechdrones UK Drone Pilots carry out Roof Surveys and Roof Checks for building inspections in connection with developments, insurance, mortgage and other lending facilities. Using a fully qualified drone pilot UAV company provides you with peace of mind that all of the necessary pre flight checks and permissions will be carried out before the day of flying and filming.


Aztechdrones fully white labelled roof inspections reports can be provided, creating maximum efficiencies on turnaround and quotations as part of our business to business support commitment. Our services can provide a comprehensive basis for an accurate estimate. For more information please contact Mark direct at Aztechdrones.

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