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Reasons to Invest in Aerial Drone Photography

Aztech Drones was established over 3 years ago. We realised early on that giving you amazing photos and videos, meant the quality of equipment we used had to be the great.

We’ve also focussed on training, making sure qualifications and knowledge are up to date. Investing in the latest Drones to keep up with rapidly moving technology is a must. So, having outstanding photography and video for your event, wedding or to meet your commercial needs is vital.

If you’re looking for the best aerial drone photography/videography in Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire, Liverpool, Birmingham and the UK, here’s why Aztech Drones is your go to provider.

Hire a Drone Photographer/Videographer

Having to deal with significant amounts of 4K footage from ground and aerial cameras with high resolution can be very demanding on processing hardware.

As a business, we have invested heavily in ground filming equipment to allow us to produce top quality promotional and wedding videos, and to also work with small media companies for short films.

We can offer a range of services for your private events and commercial needs.

Here, we explain how we deliver top grade photography and videography for you.

The right computer for editing Drone Video & Photography

Previously, we had been working with a PC fitted with an I5 processor and 32GB RAM. This meant when tasked with producing large 4K edits and rendering, the equipment struggled. Because it’s a memory-intensive activity, it caused bottlenecks in our workflow and reduced productivity. Not what we wanted at all!

We understood that making a further investment to upgrade our current editing system was urgent.

But as a professional aerial photographer/videographer, how do you find a set-up that works for you?

High Resolution Drone video needs the highest computer spec available.

We deal with a lot of 4K footage, especially for the National Drone Agency, so we knew the CPU and GPU needed a decent processor and high-end graphics card. Having this means smooth video editing and rendering, enhancing the final product. It’s also great to partner with other drone pilots in the UK. Having the right equipment helps everyone involved in creating fantastic footage.

Including a high-capacity NVME SSD, ensures the OS (Operating System) and software are far more responsive. Again, helping with a better overall final video or images enabling a more efficient workflow.

After searching the internet, we were shocked at some of the prices for high-end setups, with prices of anything up to £5000. Buying the most expensive equipment doesn’t guarantee the best outcome because it’s all down to the user!

If you’re finding a spec for this kind of equipment, deciding on a budget beforehand and sticking to it is essential.

Cost v highest spec will always be a trade off, here is what we decided was our best investment within a reasonable budget.

We found the ideal spec in a purpose-built video editing and gaming computer that met our criteria: an I9 12th generation processor 12700K, 64GB RAM, and a 1 TB SSD drive, at £795. This was our starting point.

We were able to re-use 2 other SSD drives from the existing computer, which is ideal. Recycling any equipment you can is not only great for business budgets but also a nod in the direction of environmental objectives.

We upgraded the onboard graphics card supplied with the new computer, to an RTX 3060 12GB Graphics card at a cost of £300 (link to similar).

Making sure the processor would stand up to our demanding workloads, we were advised to add a Thermaltake cooler at a cost of £49.99 from Scan computers by Mike Forbes at Computershak, Bury, who built the whole system for us.

Invest wisely with informed decisions and here are the benefits.

  1. Quicker turnaround with faster processing speeds of the final video edits and delivery of images.
  2. Improved quality of video coding that will improve playback, reduce jitter with more complete frames created smoother.
  3. Reduce frustration of working with large 4k files, allowing real time visual control of what the end video will look like.

Contact us to discuss your project – call 07845 185 614

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