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What is Adverse Possession?

Adverse Possession means someone occupying land belonging to someone else, without permission. If someone does this continuously for a number of years (normally 10 or 12 years) then, in certain circumstances, the land may become theirs.

John Antell represents clients in the First-tier Tribunal – Property Chamber (Land Registration Division), at the Upper Tribunal – Lands Chamber, and in the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

If you are a Council or Landowner facing any Land related Issues, encroachments leading to adverse possessions, or any other challenges where our services could provide evidence, please contact Aztech Drones as quickly as possible.

In today’s world, where land disputes and management pose significant challenges, innovative solutions are essential. One such groundbreaking approach lies in the covert deployment of drones.

Drones, originally developed for military purposes and have now found their way into various civilian applications, including agriculture, surveillance, conservation and land issues, one promising avenue we have been involved with over the last four years is addressing land related issues for local councils and landowners.

The Landscape of Land Issues

Land disputes, illegal encroachments, and inadequate land management practices are prevalent issues in the UK. The problems often stem from a lack of accurate data, ineffective monitoring, and enforcement mechanisms. In tens of cases Council’s and Landowners struggle to assert control over specific arears of land. “Changes in use” are a widespread problem, whereby the tenant does not use the land for what permission or tenancy, is agreed with the landowner or council, use classes and changes can be seen here planning portal.

Boundary Mapping and Verification

Providing aerial images delineating land boundaries is crucial for resolving any disputes and preventing encroachments, we can supply detailed images, aiding any boundary demarcation and verification processes.

Surveillance and Monitoring

Our drones, equipped with high-resolution cameras can conduct covert operations over disputed arears with real time monitoring, which allows Councils or Landowners to obtain a clear aerial view as to the issue.

Challenges and considerations

Whist the benefits of drone covert missions in addressing land issues are evident, there are certain challenges and considerations which must explored by the pilot, Council or Landowner.


 Privacy concerns

Covert surveillance can raise questions regarding privacy rights, and although it is legal to fly a drone over private property in the UK, if you follow certain guidelines, understanding that landowners do not own the airspace, they still have a right to freely enjoy their property. Our missions are to photograph the clients land without flying near any neighbouring properties at any altitude that may cause a nuisance, and conducted using a sub 250g drone in residential or built up arears if separation distances are an issue.

Dealing with aggression if you fly over or near someone’s property.

The idea of covert missions is to stay undetectable from a location nearby, which is not always possible, but in the event you are approached by anyone, firstly stay calm and composed, respecting their concerns, politely explaining your intentions why you are flying the drone, near to or over their property i.e. photography for local council or landowner and have no intention of invading their privacy, harassing or causing harm. Offer assurance that you are operating the drone responsibly and are qualified to do so, and flying within the bounds of the law, operating commercially with full public liability Insurance to conduct the task. If the situation becomes confrontational ensure you document, it by taking notes or as we do always have a spotter/observer with you whilst completing these types of missions to ensure no distraction for the pilot, record any incidents that may occur on video if legally permissible, or in a public space, always informing the person you are recording the incident. The Met Police Advice.

Regulatory Framework

We operate within a complex regulatory environment with restrictions on airspace access, data collection and privacy regulations, local councils and landowners approve our missions and our take-off and landing points.

But you should always check the airspace of your intended flight, and great resources for checking this ensuring there are no airspace restrictions or sensitivities are Drone Safety Map and Drone scene.

NOTE: The DJI FlySafe App has updated recently with a substantial change, with only mandatory NFZ’s i.e. airports that remain on the Fly App, therefore the above two resources need to consult before you fly. GEO Zone Information

Technological Limitations

Despite the advancements in drone technology, limitations to specific flight endurance, weather conditions, signal loss or interference, which can disrupt or cancel a mission on the day, these are issues taken into consideration when planning the mission, and again on the day of deployment.


The scope of every mission can be significantly different, but with the same need to plan, obtaining permissions from the actual landowner who has commissioned your services, taking into consideration any nearby dwellings and any privacy concerns which may arise. Drones are a powerful tool for addressing complex land related challenges, and have the potential to revolutionise land management practices, unlocking solutions from above and pave the way towards a more sustainable future for all.

As we look ahead, the sky is not the limit, it is a gateway to transformative change in land management and beyond.

With successful outcomes for Councils and Landowners who have now become repeat clients, embracing the full potential of drone technology to tackle land related issues and repeat monitoring.

If you are a Council or Landowner facing any Land related Issues, encroachments leading to adverse possessions, or any other challenges where our services could provide evidence, please contact Aztech Drones as quickly as possible.

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