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Roofing | From Inspections to Awards: 

How We help National Roofing companies


Welcome to our blog! At Aztech Drones, we pride ourselves as Aerial photographers on providing exceptional high-resolution Imagery to our clients, we work tirelessly to complete various projects every year, and we are thrilled to announce that some of our work has helped companies at national level to gain awards in 2023 and have submissions already in for 2024. We are excited to share some of our imagery with you and highlight how our dedication to producing Aerial Photography of roofs for award submissions, detailed case studies, portfolio and website content has led us to success in the roofing industry.

We have our own extensive portfolio, showcasing the expertise of our roofing clients and their projects These project Images are not only a testament to their skills and quality work but serve as inspiration for other roofing contractors in the industry.

With our high-quality images, we showcase the roofing projects from various angles obtaining the perfect compositions to be used for website content, marketing, case studies and national roofing awards, the images demonstrate the quality and craftsmanship of our clients work. Each project tells a unique story of resilience and innovation, using the latest products on the market and our client’s ability to overcome obstacles and deliver outstanding results.

Large Manufacturing Facilities Steel Clad Roofs

 The upkeep of large site roofing areas is of paramount importance for any manufacturing facility to ensure no downtime is experienced which could run into £1000, s per hour if production lines stop due to any roofing issues.

One of the larger sites we have visited and provided Aerial photography for the last two years not only showcases our client’s quality roofing work that has been completed but it also gives a bird’s eye view of any potential problem arears.

The Oxford Mini Plant  https://www.mini.co.uk


Creating Compelling Visuals

We do sometimes use image editing tools to enhance and edit the photos for clarity and visual appeal, this can include adjusting lighting and colour correction, as not every day in the UK can the light be your friend and some magic must be done in post edit.

Although we use Adobe Premier Pro for our video editing, we do not use Photoshop as our software of choice is LUMINAR NEO  https://skylum.com/luminar with AI and ease of use over photoshop.

Days with grey skies in your image are gone and fixed easily with one click, adding a new sky from the library to suit the image, then re-lighting the scene to produce a stunning visual.

Roofs in High Places

Roofs in high places are a testament to the expertise and dedication of our clients delivering outstanding results. These projects showcase their ability to overcome challenges and provide innovative roofing solutions in unique and difficult environments, Cortland at Colliers Yard https://cortland.com/apartments/cortland-at-colliers-yard/ Salford Manchester was one of the highest projects we have been involved in at 500ft tall obtaining aerial Imagery for our client https://www.lrl.ltd this building was beyond the legal altitude limit of 400ft, which required a special provision in Drone law to carry out the work, hence our Knowledge of Drone law is important.

We aim to highlight the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of our clients work on these high-rise roofs. Each project tells a captivating story of resilience and innovation, capturing the attention and admiration of other companies in the roofing industry.

From skyscrapers to iconic landmarks, we have successfully completed projects that require intricate planning, expert execution, and strict adherence to safety regulations. Our experience in working on these high places has made us well-versed in the specialized techniques and equipment necessary for such ventures.

By sharing the Images of these extraordinary projects, we hope to inspire other roofing contractors and demonstrate our commitment to obtaining award worthy Images.


Restoring Historic Roofs

Preserving the historical integrity of a roof requires a deep understanding of its unique characteristics and architectural style. Their team of experts meticulously studies the original design and materials, working closely with historians and preservationists to ensure that every detail is accurately restored.

One of our notable projects we were asked to obtain Aerial Imagery was the restoration of the roofs at; Futures Institute in Edinburgh, https://www.efi.ed.ac.uk/  and Darroch House School https://futureschoolsedinburgh.com/darroch/ our client combined their knowledge of traditional roofing techniques with modern waterproofing materials, they were able to protect the historical significance of the structure while ensuring its longevity for future generations to admire.

Restoring historic roofs is not only about preserving the past but also about showcasing their commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. Through our clients dedication and attention to detail, they have received national recognition for their work in preserving architectural heritage.

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