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2023 | Video marketing value

Video marketing also improves SEO and boosts conversions and sales. 31% of marketers add video to improve SEO. Websites see a search engine boost when they add video because it increases page quality, and the time visitors spend on the page.



Content is king

Video marketing is the most effective way for you to get someone’s attention and engage them for a substantial period of time. Keeping someone engaged is the best and quickest way to gain their trust. Gaining trust is the only way to convert your audience into happy, long-term clients/customers/subscribers.”

That trust is the reason video is relied on by some of the largest brands in the world, with the chance to grow even more with the emergence of mobile and other technologies.

Video Length

We have found over the last two years that the length of videos is critical to keep your audience engaged and now aim for 2 minutes or less on platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram, with longer versions for in-house use on screens within the client’s premises or outlets.

Adding Value

Whether that value is educating your audience to your process or products you sell showcasing your company events displaying the human side to your business, videos add something to the life of the people watching.

We can create promotional videos of your manufacturing facility, highlighting your process, with immersive FPV (first person view) fly thru’s, ground and aerial videography, talking headshots introducing the company or event.

Promoting your business or event with video

Promotional video content is an engaging way to sell something to your customers. It’s also a great way to show off your business. Companies that use video in their content marketing campaigns can see a 34% increase in conversion rates which in turn, leads to more sales.

We have recently completed another promotional event video for one our client’s Solidor,a part of the Masonite group, who certainly know how to market their business, being one of the UK’s leading composite door manufacturer’s, ensuring the UK market know who they are and what they do, via video.


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